1) Hang the target so that the center is 5 feet 8 inches from the floor.

2) Mark the shooting line on the floor or ground at 20 feet from target.

3) Determine who shoots first by having each player or team representative shoot one Tag Ball. The player or team whose Tag Ball is closest to the center, or
bull's-eye, gets to go first.
1) Each player or team chooses a color Tag Ball.

2) To begin your set, load the magazine with your 6 Tag Balls.

3) Step up to the shooting line, take aim and shoot at the target.

4) Each player or team shoots a full magazine (6 Tag Balls) to complete their set.

5) Add up the score and mark it down. Each part of the board has a number, and that is the player or teams score for that set.

6) Count a ball that misses the board completely as a shot. The score for that ball is zero.

7) Remove your Tag Balls from the target and allow the next player or team to shoot.

8) Alternate until each player or team has shot five full magazines each. Total up the score. The player or team with the highest score WINS!
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