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Airsoft Prop: Army style Carbine Assualt Rifle (Black)
Airsoft Prop: Army style Carbine Assualt Rifle (Black) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: N16A-Carbine
Price: $29.95
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Product Footer: A-11
SORRY,Airsoft Prop: Army style Carbine Assualt Rifle (Black) IS SOLD OUT.
No Airsoft CANNOT Be Shipped to Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Calif.(need prop release), New Jersey, Arkansas and New York States

A COOL PROP: A Spring Powered, Single Shot Army 24" long Carbine style Rifle. This Airsoft rifle is made out of
sturdy plastic and comes with a laser so you can see where you're aiming. The
and has removable clip, plus detachable stock.

  • Spring Assault Rifle
  • Laser
  • Sample Bag Of BBs
  • Size: 24 Inches

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