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Toy Cap Gun: Snub Nose 38 Revolver (gun metal)
Toy Cap Gun:  Snub Nose 38 Revolver (gun metal) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 99388NS-9
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Wow! Nicely detailed, 38 style aprox. 6" long, gun metal color revolver
Pull the trigger, the hammer goes back and the barrel revolves to fire a cap
Opens like the real revolver to load 8 shot ring caps
(made of rugged plastic with red tip)
  • Do not fire closer than 30CMto the ear and body .
  • Do not fire indoors.
  • Caps should be used only under adult supervision.
  • Each cap contains less then 0.20 grains of powder.
  • Do not fire near eyes or ears
  • Do not carry caps loose in pocket.

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