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Frequently Asked Questions

(We do not ship Airsoft and toy guns outside USA. Also read Airsoft Disclaimer at bottom of page)

Credit card fraud is a serious crime, and we cooperate fully with law enforcement in prosecuting such offenses.
All IP addresses are logged for this purpose and we report all fraudulent or otherwise illegal activities.

Who is ACTAmart?

  • Toy Arsenal, 411 Toys, MoreToyGuns and Pickles2go are branches of ACTAmart, which has been in business for over 30 years and on the Internet since 1995.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept: Visa/MasterCard/Discover, American Express and PayPal

  • All Credit card orders must supply a CVV2 code (3 or 4 digit code on back of card, Amex on front).

  • All billing, shipping addresses are verified through card holders bank before shipping.

  • Unfortunately we cannot accept checks or CODs.

When do you charge my credit card?

  • Your credit card is charged when your order is placed. Unsuccessful transactions may result in pending charges, however you will only be charged permanently if you receive an order number for a transaction.

When will I receive my order?

  • We try to ship your order within 2 business days after it was placed, for items that are in stock. Some orders may take a bit longer depending on certain circumstances, in which case we aim for fulfillment within 3-5 business days.

  • Pre-ordered or back-ordered items will be sent out after they are received.

What shipping methods do you offer?

  • We utilize First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express through the Postal Service for most orders. Certain orders may also be shipped via UPS Ground or an upgraded variation of UPS Ground depending on customer request, shipping regulations or pricing in comparison to USPS.

What is your shipping policy?

  • ACTAmart is bound to the rules and regulations of the carriers (UPS, USPS). Once the carrier receives a package, Toy Arsenal has no control over the actual delivery time. Once the package has been handed to the shipping carrier the liability of the package no longer lies with us. We are not liable for lost or stolen merchandise. We will not refund or re-send any package that has been marked as "Delivered" by the carrier even if recipient claims non-receipt. It is possible that the package was left with neighbors, in a garage, behind a bush, between doors, etc. We suggest that the recipient contact the delivery carrier to verify where the packaged was left.

  • ACTAmart has no control over a carrier's decision if your location is considered "safe" to leave a package. If this happens the carrier will leave a notice notifying you that an attempt was made for delivery. You must follow the carrier's directions on the notice for proper re-delivery or pick-up of your package.

What is your return policy?

  • Any item (in its original package AND unopened) may be returned within 30 days of receipt for a FULL refund of the items cost. (Shipping and Handling are non refundable)

  • ANY ITEM OPENED AND/OR USED WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR A FULL REFUND. However, it could still be sent back for warranty work within 30 days, starting the day you received the item.
  • Before returning any item, you must contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. No returns, of any type, will be accepted without a RMA number on the exterior of the box.

  • All products must be returned 100% complete, in resalable condition, including box, manuals, blank warranty cards (if any) and all other accessories provided by the manufacturer (any item missing or damaged may incur additional charges). Refunds or credits are for the purchase price only. Shipping is non refundable.

  • To request an RMA number call us at 1 818 882 9760 (10am to 2pm PST) or send an email to (put "RMA Request" on subject line)

What about free items?

  • We offer no refunds, exchanges or warranty for free or 1 cent items.

  • Our actual shipping costs will be deducted if shipped under the Free Shipping program or reduced shipping programs. On some products we pay part of the shipping so when a refund is made we will deduct the total actual shipping cost we paid from your refund amount.

Some of the items I received were damaged, what do I do now?

  • If your item(s) are received in a damaged state (broken off parts or not working due to damage in shipping) and it was shipped via UPS you must file a claim with your local UPS office (be sure to have your tracking number) as ACTAmart cannot do this on your behalf. The items were assigned to and insured by UPS and they are responsible for getting your items to you. Once the claim is settled you may contact us for replacement information.

  • If your items are damaged in shipping by the Postal Service contact ACTAmart for replacement information. (email or call us at 1 (818) 882 9760)

What is your warranty on toy guns?

  • All items, unless specifically stated, are sold with a 30 day warranty covering manufacturer defects. Shipping will be the responsibility of the customer, we will provide the parts and labor.

  • Warranty does not cover free or 1 cent items or misuse or abuse! If we receive an item that has been misused or abused, we will discard or return it. Warranty also does not cover items without blaze orange tips. Items which do not have a blaze orange tip will be discarded immediately! Do not ask for an RMA form if your merchandise has been abused, misused, or the blaze-orange tip has been removed or painted over.

What is your warranty on Airsoft guns?

  • Warranty does not cover:
    • Disassembly by unauthorized personnel

    • Unreasonable use or mishandling, introduction of foreign matter to inner or outer components.

    • Failure to provide proper care, lubricants, or maintenance.

    • Lack of compliance with instructions from the owners manual.

    • Removal or cover up of orange tip

    • Merchandise soaked in water, rusted, corroded, painted, or altered.

    • Usage of low quality or low grade BB's or reuse of BB's.

    • Damage caused by use of metal bb's and paintball clogs

  • We reserves the right to determine what constitutes as unreasonable or excessive wear and tear.

Discontinued items, closeouts, or Free special offers do not carry any warranty

  • To request any other warranty information please give us a call or send us an email.

AIRSOFT DISCLAIMER (if you do not agree with this disclaimer you must cancel your order)

  • We cannot honor the sale of Airsoft and certain toy guns outside the USA and to New York City and its 5 boroughs. The City prohibits them. If you ordered these from outside the USA or NYC your order will be voided unless it is being used as a Theatrical Prop.

  • Liability Disclaimer - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - LEGAL DOCUMENT AND AGREE TO ITS TERMS. BY ORDERING FROM THIS SITE YOU ARE INDICATING YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD EACH PROVISION AND AGREE TO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: I, the Purchaser, declare that I am at least 18 years of age, that I am familiar with the laws and regulations in my jurisdiction, if any, governing the purchase and use of airsoft guns, and that I do not know of any local or State laws or regulations that prohibit me from purchasing or owning airsoft-type guns and/or accessories. Airsoft guns are required by law to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange. I understand that removal of the orange tip, any warning stickers or protective markings is a violation of Federal law and will void any and all product warranties. I acknowledge that the use of any look-alike or toy gun in commission of a crime may carry the same legal ramifications as if a real firearm had been so used. I have read and understood all warnings, disclaimers, and warranties related to the products offered. Airsoft products are potentially dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death. I acknowledge that I am responsible for using airsoft products safely and legally and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless this website, its owners, employees, agents and affiliates for any and all legal action arising from purchase, use or ownership of airsoft guns and accessories from this web site, including, but not limited to any lawsuit or claim by myself or a third party for bodily injury, death or illegal activity. By purchasing from this site, I, the Purchaser, indicate that I have read and understood the above liability waiver and that I agree to be bound by its terms. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

What do I do if I still have more questions?

  • General questions may contact:

  • Order questions may contact:

We do not give out our customers' information to anyone except our Shipping Master for order processing only.

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